Our Services

We are flexible in shaping relationship with our clients. We render on-going tax services like ‘tax hot line”, we help companies in a separate individual projects aimed at solving particular needs (e.g. tax reviews, building of a tax procedures, preparation of a request for a tax ruling, construction of TP documentation).

We specialise in VAT issues, CIT and TP topics.

Changes in tax legislation as well as official tax rulings, influence of ETS solutions on Polish tax reality – legal regulations and practice itself is under constant modification. With help of our training we enable the development of our clients, we share our knowledge with them. Within tax training projects eTAX is closely cooperating with Ernst &Young Academy of Business.

Examples of tax training prepared:

          • Tax for non-financials
          • Changes in VAT, CIT
          • Tax closing of the year
          • Most important tax and court rulings – new trends in taxes